Physiotherapy is about achieving optimal movement patterns and functioning of our bodies. There are many things in our lives which can affect our performance, injury being one of these. When our bodies are injured or in pain, this shuts down normal functioning of our bodies and can prevent us from achieving our goals and maintaining a healthy and full life.

At Synergy physiotherapy we offer a variety of services and ways to help you stay free from injury and for your body to perform at your peak. We believe in giving you a thorough diagnosis, complete with causative factors and offer a wholistic rehabilitation to ensure a full recovery in all aspects.

Manual Therapies

Hands on treatment in which we help to restore movement to specific joints and reduce pain. This may include but is not limited to joint mobilisations, massage, joint manipulation, trigger point therapy, neural sliders, stretching, muscle energy techniques.

Exercise Therapy

Is where we really start to make lasting changes. This includes addressing specific causes of problems through muscle activation techniques, working on and improving muscle control, and finally strengthening and return to sport-based exercises.

Dry Needling

Use of acupuncture needles to assist in reducing pain and muscle spasm and improving outcomes with exercise and other therapies


We use a variety of taping techniques to suit postural, supportive and performance based needs


Arguably one of the most important aspects of physiotherapy, we aim to educate you about causative and lifestyle factors which may get in the way of your recovery and how best to address these and achieve optimal rehabilitation outcomes.

Sport-specific Screening

You know what they say, prevention is better than cure! This is where we use a thorough understanding of the demands of your sport and conduct an in depth assessment, complete with strength measures to identify any risk areas or areas of weakness which may predispose you in injury. We then come up with some recommendations for training to correct what we find and can design a specific strengthening program also if required based around findings. Sports that we currently screen for include but are not limited to; running, swimming, soccer, netball, rugby league, rugby union. We also offer performance screening for gym-based training and can design custom screens on request.

Workplace Health and Safety

At synergy physiotherapy we offer services to Workcover NSW patients as well as workplace screenings, lifting assessments and postural screens.

Pilates based core and pelvic floor strengthening

This is a gentle, yet effective method for strengthening muscles of the core and hips predominantly. It is especially useful for those who suffer from low back pain, pre and post-natal mothers and also anyone looking to improve core strength for the demands of their chosen sport. We offer classes to suit a variety of needs and experience levels.